Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fashion model Laura Alvarez

Black fashion models broke racial barriers in the sixties and the seventies, but Hispanic models opened a few doors in that period as well. One notable Hispanic model of the time was Laura Alvarez.

As a Latina, she helped make "exotic" looks all the more desirable.

The top photo is taken from a 1974 Bloomingdale's ad, while the bottom photo is from an Avedon spread in the February 1975 U.S. issue of Vogue.


Anonymous said...


I love your blog.
I'm curious to know which country from Latin America was she from?
Thank you!

Steve said...

Venezuela. I found that out later and mentioned it in a subsequent post with another picture of Laura Alvarez. Thanks for the positive feedback! :-)

Zephinilium said...

She snow a spiritual teacher living in Temecula, California. Her last name is different.

Steve said...

Zephinilium: Thanks for the information! :-)