Friday, October 28, 2011

Two New Links

Beginning today, two new links appear on the right side of my blog.   Both of them involve one of the many women I've featured on this blog.

The woman in question is Kathy Davis, a legendary high-profile fashion and beauty model who began her modeling career in her teens and went on to appear on the covers of Teen and Cosmopolitan, as well as several ads. I featured four pictures of her, including a very stunning and very sensuous hair care ad, back in May 2011.

I noted then that she's now an event planner in the Los Angeles area, and I included in my post a link to the Web site for her business, Kathryn Davis Event Planning.  Well, not only is there a permanent link to her site in the upper right hand corner of this blog's layout, there's a second link to her companion blog, Kathryn Davis Events Editorial, in which she offers various musings and art as well as looks back at her own life and her incredible modeling career.

By all means, please check out both sites.  You will not be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

I remember Kathy Davis when I was growing up. She was so wholesome looking and classy. Saw her on alot of commercials and magazines. Thank you for posting info.

Steve said...

You're welcome! :-)