Thursday, October 20, 2011

Links Report

Blogger has been going through so many changes regarding formatting and editing, yet curiously, among all of my blogs, this blog has not benefited from any changes.  Quite the opposite: In addition to having no separate pages and no ability to add gadgets to my template (I'd like additional pages, but I don't need gadgets), I just noticed that the links I added to my blog template somehow got deleted.

Well, I just fixed that.  The links to Eva Voorhees's sites and Linda Morand's two sites are back up, and there is a new link to model Nancy Donahue's page.  I featured a link to Ms. Donahue's site in a posted devoted to her, but that post is buried in the archives now.  I figure it's easier to include it permanently on my main page than force followers of this blog to seek it out themselves in the archives.        

More links will be added in the future as I see fit.  In the meantime, please feel free to check out these pages by clicking on the links  I restored . . . and added.   

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