Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Model/actress Marjorie Andrade

When she started out as a model in the early eighties, Brazilian beauty Marjorie Andrade had a lot going for her. Her height - 5'5" - seemed to pose a detriment in a profession that favored taller women. But Ms. Andrade had an exotic look and a lot of spunk to go with it.

Soon she was appearing in beauty ads for magazines and television that capitalized on her adorable face.

Eventually she made the transition to acting, but while Ms. Andrade could have easily gone big time, she chose instead to pursue small Off Broadway roles in America and soap opera roles in her native Brazil, avoiding the charge that she was not an actress but rather a model who acted.

Ms. Andrade is also a graduate of the Hollywood Film Institute, and she's taken on an active role in producing movies as well through her own production company.

Oh yeah, she's also a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. Ms. Andrade is the Ambassador of the International Foundation For Human Rights and Tolerance, a Los Angeles based group that promotes human rights education worldwide.

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