Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Actress Jana Marie Hupp

All of the actors who starred in the early-2000s television series "Ed" (about a lawyer with a bowling alley) were unknowns when that great show began. Since it went of the air in 2004, however, only Julie Bowen and perhaps Ginnifer Goodwin have really gone on to greater things among the show's female cast members. That's too bad, because I really miss Jana Marie Hupp.

Jana Marie Hupp played Nancy Burton, the wife of Ed's best friend Mike. Unlike Julie Bowen's free-spirited Carol, Nancy was grounded by a complicated domestic life made even more so by her goofy husband.

Ms. Hupp had minor roles in various television shows and movies before "Ed," but her Wikipedia entry doesn't show anything she's done since "Ed" was canceled, assuming she's done anything at all. Someone give this woman a acting job! :-O

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