Saturday, July 2, 2011

Actress Jane Leeves

If you're an American Anglophile who still watches TV produced in your own country, then you'll know who Jane Leeves is. :-)

She played physical therapist and live-in housekeeper Daphne Moon on the TV series "Frasier" for eleven seasons, the role that made her a star. Prior to that, she had a couple of breaks playing incidental characters on "Murphy Brown" and "Seinfeld."

As Daphne - whom Leeves played as a Manchester girl, with the obligatory razor accent (even though she's a native Londoner) - she was the object of the affections of Frasier's brother Niles, first unrequited, then in the open. Daphne and Niles were married with a child when the series ended.

More recently Leeves has been playing Joyce Scruggs in the TV Land's sitcom "Hot in Cleveland," about three middle-aged LA women adjusting to life in Cleveland, Ohio when fate delivers them there in the form of an emergency plane landing.

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