Friday, April 15, 2011

Model Margrit Ramme - II

Margrit Ramme was the first model I was attracted to. I was thirteen, and I saw a picture of her in a department store ad. I was absolutely smitten with her. It would be awhile, though, before I found out her name. Models usually aren't identified in ads, of course.

The color picture above and the black-and-white picture below are from her earlier years as a model in Europe. She was represented by the Paris Planning Agency - located in Paris - in the mid-1970s, and she relocated to New York later in that decade, where she was represented by Elite.

Among the photographers she's worked with are John Stember, Helmut Newton, Charles Tracy, Bruce Laurance, Winnie Denker, Jacques Malignon, and Francesco Scavullo. And none of them ever had to worry about photographing her from a bad angle. She doesn't have one. :-)

She remains one of the most beautiful women of all time in the modeling trade.

And, to those fans of Paul Mazursky movies who think they might have seen her before . . . yes, Margrit Ramme played Sandra Goodnight in the director's 1986 film Down and Out in Beverly Hills. :-D

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Anonymous said...

let margrit stay beautiful forever