Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Post Updates

I have stated on this blog that I do not post pictures of women who are deceased. Perhaps I should amend that to say that I don't post pictures of women who are knowingly deceased. As it turns out, I posted a picture of a woman I believed to be alive at the time - fashion model Linda Fenn, posted on August 19, 2010 - who in fact had died in 2008.

I received a comment from her niece, who is also Ms. Fenn's goddaughter, informing me of Ms. Fenn's unfortunate passing but also talking in the loveliest possible terms about what a wonderful woman she was. I published it, so you can look up my post of Ms. Fenn on this blog to read the comment. Though posting a picture of Ms. Fenn two years after her death violated my own rule, I am keeping that post on this blog, because her niece was so personally touched by and grateful for her Aunt Linda's inclusion.

I'll return with a new pictorial post on Friday.

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