Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Beauty of Retrospect, November Supermodel Edition: Rosemary McGrotha

How hot was Rosemary McGrotha back in the eighties?

You tell me!

She's still hot, as this more recent picture below (from 2009) proves. She can even look sexy in a man's shirt! :-D

It may have been uncool to be terminally attracted to a model best known for being Donna Karan's muse. Models who inspire Donna Karan are probably not pinned up on the walls of bedrooms of teenage boys.

But when I look at that lovely face framed by that luxurious dark hair, with those steely blue eyes . . .

Well, why should I have ever cared about my coolness? :-D

Many models are pretty girls, but Rosemary McGrotha was and is one of those models who's all woman. :-)

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