Friday, September 17, 2010

Actress Hunter Tylo

Hunter Tylo is an actress best known in the world of soap operas (oops, daytime dramas - I owe Miss Marshall a quarter! ;-) ), as she plays Taylor Hayes Forrester in the CBS show "The Bold and the Beautiful."

I don't know about her boldness, but she certainly has beauty. :-)

Tylo has done several TV spots endorsing several beauty products - of course - during her career.

Fun fact: One of Hunter Tylo's most memorable commercials was made just as her acting career was taking off. In an ad for DifRinse, a water-rinseable cold cream, she played a whiteface circus clown who removes her makeup with the product. The surprise is that you only realize she's a woman after she's also removed her bald-wig headpiece and let her hair down. (Well, that ad must have made a lot of young men want to run away and join the circus! ;-) )


Anonymous said...

She used to be pretty, but all the plastic surgery had really made her look like a cartoon character. Sad, but true.

Steve said...

So I saw. :-( I want to remember the old Hunter Tylo, the one who transformed herself from a cartoonish, grotesque clown into a vision of feminine loveliness.

Anonymous said...

ITA - she ruined herself with the plastcis!! SAD

Steve said...

Say, if anyone ever finds the full-length version of the TV spot I referred to in this post - I only found an edited version on YouTube - please let me know. :-)