Friday, April 3, 2009

Willow Bay - Former Model, Current Journalist, Always Beautiful!

When Willow Bay first appeared in 1985, she was literally just another pretty face. She made her debut that year as the face of Estée Lauder ad campaign (from which the picture below comes), a gig that lasted only four years.

She left the modeling world for something a little more substantial - journalism. She's been a correspondent for ABC's and NBC's news divisions and for MSNBC, and hosted CNN's "Moneyline." She has written for Fortune, and she currently serves as an editor for the Huffington Post.

Many would grumble that Willow Bay - whose name does sound like a resort - only got where she is because of her looks and her status as an ex-model, though I don't know how that would help her in her current job. Besides, she paid her dues as a media personality. Her first job was co-hosting a weekly insider show on the National Basketball Association with doofus erectus Ahmad Rashad.

She's married to Disney CEO Robert Iger.


Anonymous said...

She's still a fine lookin' honey. I would try to pay attention to what she was talking to us about on CNN but would be too distracted by her pretty face.

The Most Experienced Insurance Team In The Nation said...

She's great........but check out Wendy

Total knockout........butv I'm biased 'cause I'm a member of the ILWS....I Love Wendy Society....check 'er out....

Richard Lawrence, M.D.