Wednesday, August 2, 2017

British model Claire Atkinson

The British Invasion of the 1960s wasn't just about popular music.  It was also an infusion of British movies, art, and yes, fashion into American culture.  British models were as celebrated as British rock stars and actors.  By contrast, however, a good deal of what came to America from Margaret Thatcher's Britain in the eighties, shall we say, left something to be desired, but the U.K.'s contributions to the modeling profession were still impeccable.  Claire Atkinson, one of the most active models of the 1980s, is proof of that.

Her smile and pose in the picture above are indicative of her beauty and of her charm.  And the 1991 photo below, showing her in a Sophie Hallette number, demonstrates how she can turn many a head with her poise.

Among the other fashion houses she's modeled for is Ungaro, as seen below.

And if beauty is fatal, she could be lethal in a strapless number with matching opera gloves! :-O


Claire Atkinson's career took her to New York, London Paris . . . Munich?  I don't know about Munich, but she certainly worked in the other three cities, having been represented by Elite Model Management and Pauline's in New York, Models1 Elite in London, and by the Zen agency and by Pauline's' French offices in the City of Light. 

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