Tuesday, June 6, 2017

TV newswoman Sheree Paolello

Originally from Cincinnati, Sheree Paolello envisioned herself as a big-time television reporter in a major TV market such as New York or Chicago.  But on her way there through TV reporting stints in South Bend, Dayton, and Charlotte - mostly covering crime stories - she didn't realize that the road to success would take her back home.

In 2002, she got a job as a general assignment reporter for WLWT-TV in the Queen City, as Cincinnati is sometimes called, and  eventually worked her way up to weekend anchor, then to anchoring the 5:00 PM weekday report job.  Ms. Paolello is now regularly seen in the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State area at 5:30 PM,  6:00 PM and 11:00 PM. And she doesn't regret missing the big time of a Big Apple or Windy City gig.

"I feel very lucky to be doing what I love in the city that I grew up in," she says on her WLWT page.

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