Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Actress Gabrielle Union

Look for the Union label. :-) 

Gabrielle Union is an actress who has distinguished herself in many romantic comedy movies, but her best known role as a movie star may be as the competitive cheerleader Isis in the teen comedy movie Bring It On.  The film, released in 2000, got positive reviews and established Ms.Union as a bankable box office draw. 

Two of her most distinguished roles since then have included Deliver Us from Eva, which required her to brush up her Shakespeare and play the title character in a modern retelling of The Taming of The Shrew, and as Geneva Wade in Cadillac Records.  She has a role in the controversial Nat Turner bio movie The Birth of a Nation, made by the controversial director Nate Parker.

In the 1990s, Ms. Union had honed her acting skills in numerous sitcoms.  Look for her in a walk-on role in a 1993 episode of "Family Matters."  ( A lead role in a TV hospital drama, 2000's "City of Angels," didn't turn out so well for her.)

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