Friday, July 1, 2016

The Beauty of Song, Part Three: Adele

Do you really have to tell you who this is?

She's only the female pop singer who's had an album - 21, her second - at the top of the charts longer than any female performer in her native Great Britain or in the United States, and she's also the first female performer to see three of her singles get into the  Billboard Top Ten simultaneously.

Adele Adkins has won the hearts of many a listener with her soul-inspired pop reflecting a style that pays respect to musical tradition and doesn't jive the listener.  Her hits are numerous: "Chasing Pavements" (British English for "following sidewalks"), "Rolling In the Deep," "Rumour Has It," and pne of her most recent, "Hello."  

Critic Jon Pareles summed Adele up best when he said that she "can seethe, sob, rasp, swoop, lilt and belt, in ways that draw more attention to the song than to the singer,."

And we hope she does so for a long, long time. :-)

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