Monday, June 27, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Beverly Lee, Yesterday and Today

This photo from the portfolio of model Beverly Lee may be the most exquisite photo of her that I've ever featured here.

The winter ensemble she sports in this picture leaves you staring directly at her face, and it helps you appreciate her captivating eyes and her sweet, gentle expression.

She was always good at projecting such sweetness, with a touch of seduction at times, as evidenced by the 1978 photo below.

She still has that same captivating look today, in 2016, as the picture below indicates.  I took this photo of her at the same party where I met and photographed Anne Bezamat.  Yes, I met Beverly Lee too . . . and the experience, quite frankly, floored me. :-)

A former Ford client, Ms. Lee remains a legend thanks to her time as designer Hubert de Givenchy's muse. :-) 


jean said...

Thank you for highlighting models of different ethnics. I sometimes go through my mother's old magazines from the 60s/70s/80s often gasping in awe at the models back then who unfortunately were often never credited, Beverly probably one of them. However there were some exceptions like one of my all time favourite models the American/Japanese beauty Marie Helvin who alas remains unheard of in America.

Steve said...

Thanks for the comments, Jean! :-) One of the things that led me to start this blog was to draw attention to models who never got credits and became known more by sight then by name. I'm always happy to celebrate models of different racial backgrounds, because I don't care about race - a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman. And Beverly Lee was one of the many models I had a huge crush on. :-) By the way, if you go into the search field at the top left corner of this blog and type in Marie Helvin's name, you'll see that I've featured her too. :-)