Friday, May 6, 2016

Model Anna Cleveland

Yes, she's Pat Cleveland's daughter. :-)

And, her father is Dutch photographer Paul Van Ravenstein, which means, if you've been paying attention to this blog recently, that top model Appolonia Van Ravenstein is her aunt.  So Anna Cleveland was destined to join the family business.

In fact, Anna Cleveland got into the modeling profession when she was four, appearing in a Moschino fashion show.  She and her brother even joined their mother in a Chanel show when Anna was only thirteen.

She's already accumulated a list of fashion shows to her credit that rivals the Dead Sea scrolls in length, and her editorial credits include assignments for Numéro magazine in France, the Italian edition of Vogue and the British and Spanish editions of Harper's Bazaar.

Fun fact:  Though her father is Dutch (she was born in the Netherlands) and her mother is American,  Anna Cleveland was raised in Stresa, Lago Maggiore, Italy, though her family moved to New Jersey was she was fifteen.  For the record, she turned 27 in March 2016.      

Her she is again, with her famous mother and fashion designer Stephen Burrows. :-) 


jean said...

Anna may have modelled at 4 and 13 but real recognition came about rather late. For some unknown reason she really started to get mega attention only a few years ago. One wonders where she was in her teens probably avoiding the modelling scene and comparison with her ubermodel mother. In her early 20s she modelled a bit for designer friends in Italy and New York. Anyway with her genes she was made for modelling and at 27 its about time she did. I wish her a career as long and colorful as her mother's and aunty's.

Steve said...

Thanks for the comment, Jean! :-)