Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Icelandic model Brynja Sverrisdottir

Brynja Sverrisdottir, an Icelander whose surname literally means "daughter of Sverris" (it's an Icelandic tradition for fathers to give their first names to their children as last names; if she has a brother, his surname would be Sverrisson), is a top model from the 1980s and 1990s, and she was a muse for the designer Valentino.  One of her Valentino photos is shown below.

She also took the time to model for Escada . . .

. . . and Yves Saint Laurent.

These days, Brynja Sverrisdottir - sometimes known as Brynja Sverris - has her own jewelry business, "Embracing Faith." She designs rings bearing twenty different religious signs that represent the world's different belief systems, "bound together with a peace sign and a precious pin."  She also designs necklaces with animal pendants in a series she calls "Embracing Nature."  Learn more about  Brynja Sverrisdottir's jewelry work by going to either her Web site or her Facebook page.

She lives in England and is married to photographer Brian Griffin. 

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