Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Latest Numbers

As indicated earlier, I have posted pictures of 930 different women as of now.

I have decided not to post statistics of my top ten posts this time; none of them have changed positions since I last did so, and so there's nothing really new to report.  Needless to say, my March 2014 post of weatherwoman Stef Davis continues to surge.  And some people out there have a special attraction to TV newswoman Atia Abawi;  not only does my post of her stubbornly hold on to the number ten spot, the numbers of views have actually gone up of late, if only just a bit (1,801, up three from September 2015).

Back tomorrow with another A-Z round of new subjects, which will spill over into the new year.  You were expecting me to feature a month's worth of beautiful dancers?  No, I do that every other December, and in even-numbered years. 

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