Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve Greetings

I normally don't find myself in the middle of an A-Z round of new subjects going from one year into another, but I'm currently positioning my post schedule so that I will have featured one thousand different women here by this coming September 25, this blog's tenth anniversary.  So 2016 is going to be a big year here. :-D Expect, in addition to more new subjects, more special retrospective posts, and, a list of all of the women I've featured on this blog since its fifth anniversary in September 2011, when I put up my list of the first five hundred women to be featured here.  I've been compiling the list as time has gone by, not waiting to do it all at once like last time, so it should be much easier to post when the time comes! :-D  I hope to come up with a special Leap Day post for February 29, like I always do, and of course in December I'll have my biennial "Beauty of Dance" series, celebrating more lovely women in ballet and modern dance. :-)

In the meantime, since this is supposed to be a pictorial blog (in other words, enough of my yakking), here's a special New Year's Eve pictorial post.  Earlier this year, I showed a closeup of German model Margrit Ramme from a 1977 print ad.  Here is the full ad.

As previously noted, it's an ad for ladies' undergarments.  Yes, you can expect Maidenform ads from Maria Hanson's portfolio in 2016, though you don't know when exactly when they'll turn up. ;-)

Happy new year.

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