Friday, December 25, 2015

New Link Announcement: Catherine Roberts YouTube Channel!

Earlier this year, I announced a link to the Web site of model Catherine Roberts, who has had a distinguished career in her profession but for too long had not been a household name due to an emphasis on commercial modeling, rather than the editorial work that gets models credits and helps make them household names.  As today is Christmas, and with 2015 drawing to a close, I am presenting as a holiday gift a link to to another page Ms. Roberts has set up to promote herself . . . her very own YouTube channel!

By now, you've seen on her site all of the classic print ads she's done for Charles of the Ritz, Helena Rubenstein, and other clients.  You may have even remembered some of them, only finding out now who that beautiful woman is. :-)  Well, Ms. Roberts has also put together a YouTube channel to promote her television advertising work.  Some of you may remember these commercials, too, while though some of you may be seeing them for the first time; Ms. Roberts has already included at least one of them on her main site already.  They all show another facet of her work as a model and show just how versatile and demanding the modeling profession is.  A lot of work and effort go into making a 30-second spot, and it takes a good deal of dedication and devotion to make it work.  That's why Catherine Roberts remains an active participant in the modeling profession. :-) The link, like all links to modeling and photography sites on this blog, is just below the members list and the blog archive field in the upper right hand corner of the screen, six spaces down the list.

As I noted back in January 2015, Ms. Roberts has been a friend of mine since I connected with her as a result of she and other high-profile models discovering my blog.  I had long found it unfortunate that she has rarely been known by her name, which is the reason I've featured her here so often.  That's why I'm as happy to add her YouTube channel to my list of permanent links as I was to post a link to her main Web site at the beginning of this year.  I am always glad, because of the joyous association I've had with her, to help get more people her YouTube channel and see her TV work.  She epitomizes what is best about the modeling profession.

I'm sure you'd agree. :-)

Merry Christmas. :-D :-)

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