Friday, November 27, 2015

The Beauty of Retrospect: Margrit Ramme

Margrit Ramme remains a model I never get tired of showing here.

But, then, how could I ever tire of her, with  her wavy blonde hair, her Teutonic coolness, and her ability to shine in any photograph, be it color or black-and-white?

She always looks beautiful, in any modeling assignment, be it editorial or commercial.  And her come-hither quality never fails to come thrtough, whether she's striking a coy pose in a photo like the picture above, from a 1977 ad for (psst!) ladies' undergarments . . .  

. . . or whether she's turning on the seductiveness in this ad for Chloé perfume. :-)

She's still, after all this time, one of my favorite models ever. :-)

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