Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Beauty of Retrospect, Another June Model Edition: Eva Voorhees

The reason I'm connected with so many models is Eva Voorhees, who discovered me and my blog. :-)  

Though thought of as a 1980s model, she actually started out a little earlier than that.  The picture above, and the one below, are from 1979, from advertisements for the Wallachs clothing store.  Both show her with a man, for good reason; Wallachs is a men's store! :-D  The picture above advertises Hart, Schaffner and Marx suits, and the picture below is for Dior Suede.

Both photos make this clear: Every girl is crazy about a sharp-dressed man! :-D  

Of course, Eva Voorhees always looked pretty sharp herself in her modeling career, as the color photo below demonstrates.

She remains a simple California girl at heart, devoting her life to animal welfare. :-) 

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