Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Beauty of Retrospect, Another June Model Edition: Yasmine Guenancia

Here are two more pictures of German model Yasmine Guenancia back when her last name was Sokal and her modeling career was at a peak and still rising. The 1977 editorial photo below finds our heroine on the balcony of a New York skyscraper, with the Pan Am (now MetLife) and Chrysler buildings in the background.  

Based on the positioning of the two notable skyscrapers, I'm guessing that the above picture was taken somewhere near Columbus Circle.  Assuming, of course, the backdrop is real and not a picture itself. :-D

But Yasmine Guenancia didn't need a backdrop to command the foreground, as she demonstrates in the photo below, cigarette holder in hand.

I normally don't feature pictures with smoking paraphernalia, but in this case I'm willing to make an exception.

With her determined look and her ravishing auburn hair, there was no pose Yasmine Sokal Guenancia couldn't pull off. :-) 

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