Monday, June 1, 2015

The Beauty of Retrospect: Another June Model Edition!

In 2014 I devoted the entire month of June to looks back at fashion and beauty models I'd already featured, so in June 2015 I'm doing . . . the exact same thing.  Go figure.

Actually, there are two good reasons why I'm doing this again this June.  First, I'm still ahead of myself with regard to new subjects, so I need to slow the pace a little more without letting this blog go completely dormant.  Revisiting earlier subjects is a good way to do that.  Second, I've had some of the pictures I'm about to present in my files for some time, along with some new pictures that I'd like to show you have since come up.  One such picture, which you will see toward the end of the month, didn't even exist in June 2014; it was taken later.

So, with that all explained, I plan to start this round of model retrospectives tomorrow.  Tune in then, and keep doing so throughout the month. 

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