Monday, March 23, 2015

The Beauty of Retrospect: Margrit Ramme Week, Part One

What better way to begin my week-long look back at German model Margrit Ramme than these two photos, both showing a side of her as soft as the camera's focus? :-)

The above color photo shows Margrit Ramme in an apparently  favorite pose of hers - staring directly at the camera with the right side of her face partially obscured!  This time, it's her wavy golden locks flowing over her perfectly lovely face.

Did you happen to notice her bare shoulders and glistening jewelry? :-D 

The photo below, in light sepia, shows her in a pensive, dreamy mood, her lips gently parted, reminding us why she is one of those models who has been so uniquely skilled at making men sigh like schoolboys. :-)   

Both pictures were taken by British photographer Tom Murray.

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