Monday, January 19, 2015

New Link Announcement - Catherine Roberts Site!

I don't normally interrupt my own A-Z series of pictures of new subjects with an announcement, but when I do, it's usually for something important.  And this announcement is very important indeed.

Catherine Roberts has long been a favorite subject of mine on this blog since I first featured her here in December 2009.  She is an esteemed model best known in the fashion and beauty trades for her print ads and commercials for cosmetics and jewelry . . . though she's been more known by her face than by her name outside the fashion and beauty trades, mainly because commercial models rarely if ever get credited and she's rarely done editorial work.  My posts of Ms. Roberts have been an effort to help correct that situation and make her name as recognizable as her face - a face that is undoubtedly one of the loveliest and most unforgettable faces in modeling. :-)   

Now, Catherine Roberts is promoting herself.  She recently launched her own Web site, "Catherine Roberts - Iconic Supermodel," chock full of pictures (including a few I haven't shown here before), biographical information, and professional credentials.  The link, like all links to modeling and photography sites on this blog, is just below the members list and the blog archive field in the upper right hand corner of the screen - six spaces down the list.

Catherine Roberts was one of the first models I connected with and befriended as a result of this blog, and my association with her has been a happy one.  So I am just as happy to add her site to my list of permanent links and help get more people to it.

And so, to celebrate the addition of this link, I propose a toast . . . from the woman herself!  :-)   

A continued long and prosperous career for one of the most astonishing women in the modeling profession . . . I'll drink to that. :-)

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