Monday, December 1, 2014

The Beauty of Dance: Part Five!

It's December, it's an even-numbered year, and that can only mean one thing - I'm bringing you my fifth series of beautiful dancers this month!

Although I seem to have focused  heavily on ballet dancers, based on the women I've chosen for this go-around - hey, it's Nutcracker season, right? - I have been able  to throw in a few modern dancers here and there.  Some of choices this time are quite relevant; Misty Copeland of the American Ballet Theatre in New York has generated a lot of buzz as the third black soloist and first such soloist in two decades for that company, and Patricia McBride, a New York City Ballet alumna who now helps coordinate the Charlotte Ballet, is a 2014 Kennedy Center honoree.

It's been said that high-art dance (ballet, modern), like any other form of high art, is in trouble in America's increasingly middlebrow culture, but based on my own cursory observations, I'd say it's doing just fine.  And I have sixteen women here to prove it. :-)  So let's get started! :-D 

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