Friday, August 29, 2014

The Beauty of Retrospect: A Different Side of Margrit Ramme

Her left side, actually. :-)

The above photo of German model Margrit Ramme peeking out from behind a carnival mask is possibly one of the most provocative photos in modeling history, and for one of the most mundane products in the beauty business.  The picture is from an ad for Revlon's Moon Drops facial "masques," and if it startled you into getting your attention, well, that was the idea, apparently.  With her softly pursed lips and her mischievously playful expression, Margrit Ramme is doing what all great models do so well - making love to the camera.

The color photo of Margrit Ramme also focuses on the left side of her lovely face . . . by showing her in profile. No props, no playful provocations, just  a very elegant, straightforward pose.  With her stately expression, Margrit Ramme easily resembles a heroine from a Wagner opera.

Sexy, serious . . . There's no image that Margrit Ramme couldn't present during her long and varied modeling career.  And, given that these photos concentrate on just her left side, imagine what she could project with her full face.  :-)       

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