Monday, June 23, 2014

The Beauty of Retrospect, June Model Edition: Catherine Roberts For Lane Bryant

Pictures of Catherine Roberts, easily one of the classiest women of the golden age of modeling (the 1970s and 1980s), are a bit hard to come by, but you can find them if you look hard enough.  As her career has involved more commercial work than editorial work, she's done numerous ads, but many of them are obscure.  The picture below is from just such an ad.     

This photo, from the September 1980 issue of Harper's Bazaar, is from an ad for Lane Bryant, a women's clothing store chain that focuses on clothes for plus-size women. Catherine Roberts, as those who have been paying attention to this blog since I first featured her in December 2009 are aware, is six feet tall and known for her voluptuous figure, so that's why she modeled for Lane Bryant.  The chain's slogan in 1980 was "A lot more than size."

Just like Catherine Roberts is a lot more than a model with a beautiful face and a curvaceous shape.      

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