Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Beauty of Retrospect: Crystal Egger

When I originally posted a blog entry for TV weather forecaster Crystal Egger in October 2010 - which has since become the fifth most popular post on this blog, as of this writing - she was a prime-time on-camera meteorologist at The Weather Channel.  

But in September 2013, she left the Atlanta-based cable channel, joining KNBC-TV in Los Angeles a month later.

Why would she leave a nationwide cable channel for a local NBC station in LA?  Perhaps you weren't paying attention: The Weather Channel is based in Atlanta!

Ha ha!  Well, one could argue that Crystal Egger is better off, because LA has better weather than Atlanta - and that certainly makes her job easy, being able to report forecasts of sunny skies with mild temperatures for most of the year. And since The Weather Channel, like most cable channels, has a small audience, Crystal Egger probably reaches more viewers in the Los Angeles metropolitan area than she would have if she remained on cable. 

The Weather Channel and KNBC-TV are both NBC Universal stations, so she stayed in the corporate family.  

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