Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Beauty of Anonymity: Stock Photo Model

I found this photo of a very attractive woman on the home page for Internet service provider Comcast Xfinity.  The Web news story it was used for was about - of course - beauty. :-D So naturally, I had to include it here. 

I've featured many unidentified models of this site, some of which have been identified since by my loyal followers, while others have remained unidentified.  This young woman will probably remain forever unidentified as well.  Or, maybe not.  As this is a recent stock picture for a feature that ran in early 2014, it's quite possible that someone knows who she is - maybe the model herself will find her own photo here.  

Tell me, tell me, who is she? 'Cause I really wanna know.  If you know, leave the answer in the comment section underneath this post. :-)

And if you know her personally, then please contact her to tell her that she's the eight hundredth woman on my blog - a new milestone for me. :-D 

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