Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fashion model Gloria Burgess

American model Gloria Burgess is proof that European models don't have a monopoly on mystique.

With her statuesque physique, her perfectly sculpted face, her piercing eyes, and her dark complexion, she became a catwalk queen for her commanding presence at fashion shows. 

The Washington, D.C.-born and raised Ms. Burgess, who studied political science in Islamabad, became a model when, while working as a dancer in Tokyo, she was discovered by designer Issey Miyake. Soon she was modeling in the fashion shows of Paris.  So, she's seen a lot of national capitals. :-)

She became a black modeling icon, which was fine by her.  But when I look at her, I don't just see a beautiful black woman.  And I see more than just a beautiful woman.

I see Gloria Burgess. :-)


JT said...

Not only is she a beautiful woman she has a beautiful kind compassionate character as well. It has been a privilege to know Gloria.

Steve said...

Thank you for your feedback! :-)