Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Model Kathy Davis

Body On Tap shampoo, a novelty hair-care product made with barley and hops - the same ingredients in beer - was made by Bristol-Myers in the late seventies and early eighties with the idea that such ingredients made hair fuller and softer. The ad below certainly made that point.

This is one of the most stunning hair-care print ads ever conceived, because nothing grabs your attention like pictures of a beautiful woman letting her hair down. :-)

The beautiful woman in the ad is Kathy Davis, who became a model as a teenager in southern California and went on to model in Paris and New York.

She appeared in several other ads for hair products displaying her luxurious blonde locks, and she also did a few Cosmopolitan covers.

Today Kathy Davis is an event planner and culinary artist in Los Angeles, with a special talent for arranging decor. She's one of the most respected event coordinators in the greater Los Angeles area.

Learn more about her business by clicking here.

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