Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Beauty of Retrospect, June Model Edition: Beverly Lee In Black and White

Another Beverly . . . :-) 

For such a trailblazing model, Beverly Lee remains underappreciated and not widely celebrated. 

She opened a lot of doors in the modeling trade for women of East Asian descent, she appeared in numerous ads and catalogs, and she even lent her features to department store mannequins.  Beverly Lee is pretty much the reason you see a lot of East Asian models today.  Yet Beverly Lee herself has been virtually forgotten.

And, as of this this writing, her Web page is down again.

Both of these black and white pictures should make clear, though, why she was so sought after in her day.  I particularly like her soft, gentle expression in the photo immediately above.

I can't find any more pictures of her for now, but I'm glad I have these to share.  When I find pictures of Beverly Lee that I haven't shown here before, I'll definitely share them with you, dear viewers. :-)    

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