Saturday, May 5, 2018

Belgian model Sophie Billard

I first noticed - and fell in love with - Sophie Billard when I saw this astonishing profile photo of her on the cover of the New York Times Sunday Magazine's  Fall 1982 fashion supplement.


The photo was for a fashion editorial called "The Seductive Silhouette."  And no model was probably more skilled than Sophie Billard to provide one.

Sophie Billard was a mainstay in the modeling profession in New York for much of the 1980s, working primarily through the Elite modeling agency.  And if you thought she could look hot in a fur coat and hat, she could look downright steamy in a swimsuit!

The photo above is from the New York Times Sunday Magazine's Spring 1983 fashion supplement, taken by Paul Lange.  My only regret in showing it here is that I couldn't feature it in its original color print! 

Her poses ranged from playful . . .

. . . to pensive . . .

. . . to sophisticated . . .

and she excelled with all of them.

These days, she lives in her home country of Belgium, and she hasn't lost the innocent yet seductive look that made her a favorite among New York fashion editors and photographers back in the golden age of modeling.  The photo below is from 2009. 

It's a candid shot, but it could just as easily be part of her portfolio. :-) 

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