Friday, June 23, 2017

The Beauty of Retrospect: Catherine Roberts

Here's a model I can identify without question, the extraordinarily lovely Catherine Roberts. As always, a lot of people recognize her on sight, given all the print ads she's been in over a long career.  But, also as always, not too many of them can identify her by name.  Which is why I'm here once again to correct that situation, with some more photos from her glamour advertising.

The above photo is from an ad for Ciani jewelry, specifically earrings.  As if I'd notice. ;-)  But her face clearly suggests that it could be from a cosmetics ad.  The photo immediately below and the TV-commercial still below that are from cosmetics ads, print and TV, and both for the same cosmetics brand - Helena Rubenstein.

The above photo, taken by Richard Avedon, shows our heroine with an elegant, dignified look, while in the picture below, she displays a little mischievousness. ;-)

Was the commercial this picture was taken from for Helena Rubenstein lipstick?  Blush?  Nail polish?

All of the above, actually. :-)

And there aren't too many models like Catherine Roberts who could sell all three at once. :-)

And she still has that same allure today, as evidenced by the photo below from May 2017.  The photo is my own. :-)

You can see her now (2017) in a commercial for Toyota's new C-HR crossover car, seen below.  She's at the very beginning. :)

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