Friday, June 30, 2017

Commentary: June 2017

Before I continue, I just want to reiterate something I believe I've said before about the content of this blog.  That is, some posts are subject to be changed.  I don't mean typos, necessarily.  I mean that I might want to change text in a post or two if I feel the situation calls for it (like incomplete information about one of the women I feature that causes me to amend the original text), or I might want to remove a picture or a whole post altogether.

Case in point: This past January I devoted a whole week to model Clotilde.  I was looking at my third Clotilde post from that week and found myself having second thoughts about one of the two pictures in it, mainly because, since it was an editorial picture from a fashion magazine, an accessory photo had been superimposed on a corner of it, which fashion editors like to do for artistic effect.   I looked at it again, and I decided it looked awkward, so I deleted it.

I keep trying to improve this blog just as I keep trying to improve my Miscellaneous Musings blog, and sometimes that means the amending or deleting of already-published posts.  I reserve the right to amend or delete posts as I see fit.  I hope you will understand and respect that.

Back soon. 

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