Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Beauty of Retrospect, April Model Edition: Kathy Davis

I'm always happy to revisit Kathy Davis, an avatar of blonde coolness and sweet innocence.  Also, she's one of my friends from the modeling world.  This is the first time I've featured her since June 2014.

Above is the Kathy Davis many Baby Boomer women remember from their teenage years.  A teenager herself in the sixties, Ms. Davis was already a star model by then thanks to her editorial work for Teen, the fashion magazine for high school girls in that swinging decade.  It was already becoming obvious that her hair was one of her best features.  (While I don't normally feature teenage photos, Kathy Davis was an adult by time I myself was a teenager, so I'm making an exception here.)

By the end of the seventies, she was doing TV commercials for various products.  Below is a still form a Maybelline cosmetics commercial from 1979.  For the record, regarding her beauty, she was born with it, Maybelline or not. :-)

Still, her hair remained her most distinctive feature, which is why she's best known for her late-seventies hair-care ads . . . like the 1978 Clairol TV commercial the photo below is taken from.

Of course, Kathy Davis's 1979 print ad for Body On Tap shampoo remains not only the loveliest hair-care ad, print or TV, that she's ever done, it's also the loveliest hair-care ad, print or TV, that anyone's ever done.  I, of course, featured that ad here the first time I ever featured Ms. Davis, back in May 2011.   

Below is a close-up of Kathy Davis from that ad, with her long, luxurious blonde hair in all of its glory.

You're welcome. :-) 

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