Monday, October 24, 2016

Fashion model Isa Lorenz

Isa Lorenz is a model whose work in the late seventies and early eighties took her to two different cities in two different countries.

Born in New York City, she grew up in several countries and has lived in different parts of the world as a model as well.  She was discovered by photographer Arthur Elgort while attending the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1978.  She started out at the Wilhelmina agency and switched over to Elite before leaving for Paris a year later, and she was represented by that agency's New York and Paris offices.

She also lived in Milan before she got married in England in the early eighties, and more recently she has lived in Puerto Rico.

No matter what the modeling agency or city, Isa Lorenz still complied an impressive portfolio. :-) 

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Isa Lorenz Brocket said...

Hello Steve

Thank you very much for including me in your blog !
I am flattered !

There are a few inaccuracies ..if you think they're important ill tell you more !

I was born in NYC ..a student at Stony Brook in 1978 when I was discovered by the now very famous photographer..Arthur Elgort..
I was with Wilhelmina at first ..switching to Elite before I left for Paris a year later.
I grew up on several parents having been Cuban & German born..
I also lived in Milan before I married in England in 1982 .
Ive been here in Puerto Rico ..caring for my parents until o lost Dad first and Mom in May.

I travelled back to NYC for a high school reunion in Sept and to London to see my e children in October..
I still don't fit in airplane seats ..nothings changed !

I wish you a very happy holiday ..

Kindest regards