Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect, Bonus Post: Sheila Johnson, U.S. Vogue, 1981

Before I wrap it up for June, I thought I'd get one more retrospective post in, and for a top model who's worth the extra attention. :-)

Easily one of the most ubiquitous models of the 1980s, Sheila Johnson has a portfolio that would take a whole separate blog for me to chronicle.  I'm happy to revisit her, though, with three particular pictures taken at the height of her career.  All of them are from issues the U.S. edition of Vogue, and from the the same year, 1981.

The photo at the top of this post, taken by Arthur Elgort, shows Ms. Johnson looking very purposeful in a fashion editorial from Vogue's February 1981 issue, titeld "More Contrast, More Choice, More Chance To Be Yourself." And she certainly strikes a unique pose.

The closeup photo immediately above this text is a picture from the May 1981 issue of Vogue, specifically from an editorial for perfume.  The editorial also shows how Ms. Johnson demonstrates the right look for the ideal perfume to go with - "a pretty softness about makeup and hair, skin-showing clothes, eye-catching accessories . . . "  With her own naturally sweet face, it's a look she demonstrates effortlessly, though the earrings are a nice touch.  The photo is by Richard Avedon.

And just as Sheila Johnson could look soft and alluring in a color closeup, she could look professional and purposeful in black and white, as in this additional Arthur Elgort photo for an editorial on the "A.M. Casual;" look, in U.S. Vogue's August 1981 issue.  

It's her versatility that's one of the things we love her for. :-)

She's a very special model, a very special woman, and very special way to close out the month of June. I'll be back here very soon.

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