Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Latest Numbers and Statistics

I have now posted pictures of 902 different women on this blog.

Meanwhile, the list of the top ten posts remains mostly the same as before . . . with one big exception.  The March 2014 post of AccuWeather personality Stef Davis has jumped up two positions, from number six to number four, with 4,873 views.  It has a long way to go before it overtakes my most popular post of all, my July 2011 post of TV newswoman Kristen Welker (38,906 posts as of today).  Feel free to click on the chart below to enlarge it.    

Stef Davis is so popular here that I'll be be posting another picture of her - along with more pictures of two other on-camera weather forecasters I've featured here - in the coming week.  June will be devoted to looks back at different fashion and beauty models I've already featured.

A caveat about these numbers:  These figures go back to May 2010.  Sometimes's numbers have gone back even farther, so I can't say that these chart positions are dead-accurate like a Billboard record chart.  But I think they come close enough to accuracy for my purposes.       

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