Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Series: The Beauty of Sport, Part Three!

After featuring a second month-long series of pictures of female athletes in August 2012 - 41 months after the original month-long "The Beauty of Sport" series in March 2007 - I vowed not to keep you waiting longer for a third.  So here we are again, looking at women who are swifter, higher, stronger, and prettier . . . less than two years after the previous series.  :-) 

This one is actually going to be a short series, with only fifteen subjects, and not because I had trouble coming up with new names.  I actually found plenty of athletes to feature here, but my commitments to my other blog, as well as my commitments to hyperlocal news reporting, have demanded that I spend less time here for now.  I usually have the posts here ready to go as drafts a few weeks in advance, but lately that advance period has been reduced to a few days.  I have the subjects and photos ready, though it took awhile to find the time to select them;  what I haven't been able to do so much is fill in the details about my subjects.

Also, another setback: Due to a blown hard drive back in October 2013, surplus photos of women I'd wanted to feature that I'd been saving got lost, and as the women I had on file were obscure athletes from sports and countries that were also obscure,  I forgot who they were, mostly.  All of the women I'm featuring here this month are different women from the ones I'd lost pictures of.  If I remember the names of the women I had pictures of but lost - I think I might remember one or two - I'll certainly include them in my fourth series of athletes in the future.  And you can rest assured that I'll save the photos as drafts - not on my hard drive.

All that out of the way, let's begin.  The starting gun has been fired, and we're off! :-D 

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