Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Beauty of Retrospect: Catherine Roberts, By the Sea

I just featured Catherine Roberts in my most recent collection of retrospectives of models I'd featured before, along with Sheila Johnson, back in November 2012. So I asked myself, after having revisited Sheila Johnson twice after revisiting her in November, was it too soon to revisit Catherine Roberts again even once after having done so in November?

Of course not! :-D

Catherine Roberts was at her most ubiquitous as a model at about the same time Jimmy Carter was President, appearing in numerous ads for L'Oreal and Charles of the Ritz cosmetics.  This picture, depicting our heroine listening to the soft, wavelike sounds from a seashell, with the ocean in the background, is from an ad campaign for the latter cosmetics brand.

The setting looks like a natural one for her because it is.  Catherine Roberts is originally from Florida. :-)   

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