Friday, January 11, 2013

Actress Denise Crosby

Bing Crosby's children include a nighttime soap actress (Mary)  and a golf champion (Nathaniel), but his granddaughter Denise kept the Crosby name going into the next generation . . . namely, on "Star Trek: The Next Generation." :-D 

She played security chief Tasha Yar on that show beginning in 1987, but she eventually grew disenchanted with the role, and when she decided to leave, the character was killed off after 22 episodes. She came back, though, to play Tasha's daughter, Commander Sela. She played another member of the Yar family, Dr. Jenna Yar, in the fan-produced series "Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II."  So she knows something about generations. :-D

Denise Crosby embraced her connection with the "Star Trek" franchise and produced and narrated Trekkies, the 1997 documentary about Star Trek fans, followed by a 2003 sequel, Trekkies 2.   

Fun facts: Denise Crosby is the daughter of Dennis Crosby (her name is a feminized version of her father's), Crosby's son by his first wife, Dixie Lee.  As for Mary and Nathaniel, and their brother Harry, they were Crosby's children by Kathryn Grant, Bing's second wife.  Denise, their half-niece, is older than all three of them. 

Talkin' 'bout their generations . . . 

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