Friday, June 1, 2012

Updates, Numbers and Other Issues

With 572 women already "inducted" into my ongoing "hall of fame" of beautiful women (and you can bet your sweet candy bar that a certain female performer inducted into a certain hall of fame in Ohio in 2008 will never be included here!), I'll be ready to start another A-Z round soon.  And I have some interesting and, hopefully, exciting choices for the next round. :-) But first, let me tend to a couple of issues. 

The first concerns the latest statistics.

Joan Severance remains the woman on this blog that more viewers - women who want to be like her and men who want to be with her, I'm guessing - look at than any other woman on my blog.  The women in the next six runner-up spots are the same names as before.  But a post containing three pictures of television actress Cobie Smulders - which I posted only in March 2012 - has shot up to number eight, causing Daphne Maxwell Reid to drop to number ten while Willow Bay stays at number nine.  The spike in views of this post devoted to Ms. Smulders - only my second post to show pictures of her, the original post showing one picture - that has made it the eighth most popular post since May 2008 is astonishing.  My guess is that the reasons for this are twofold. First, Cobie Smulders is undeniably gorgeous, and her popularity on this blog reflects that.  Second, the TV show "How I Met Your Mother," on which she appears, has been enjoying its highest ratings ever.  So I clearly tapped into something there. 

Now to other business.  When I started this blog in September 2006, I got right into posting pictures without offering a proper introductory post. Although that didn't matter much, since no one looked at my blog then due to no one knowing it was there - and most of my posts from the first thirty days of this blog still haven't received any views - I still felt a need for a proper introduction for anyone finding this blog on their own.  So I rewrote this blog's description (on the top of the page) as a welcome message.  I hope you like it. :-)

Speaking of my earlier posts, I urge you to look at pictures from my earlier archives if you already haven't.  Not only have some of them not been viewed, there are many pictures from my archives - I'll cite Joan Severance again - that are very popular.  And also, I've updated some of my archived entries with new versions of the original photos.  I found a larger version of a picture of an unidentified Princess Marcella Borghese model that I originally posted in February 2011, and so I replaced the original version of the photo with the new one.  You can see it here, on the original entry page. (And please let me know if you know who she is.)

I also replaced a picture of model Catherine Roberts, posted in July 2011, with a sharper, more vivid version of the same photo.  You can view it here on the original page.  My policy is simply this: If I find a better version of a photo I've already posted, I will replace the original version with the better one.  So you should check my archives for any such improvements.

I also once in awhile post a different picture altogether to replace the original one, as I did with a post paying tribute to journalist Chrystia Freeland in February 2010.  I didn't like the original picture very much, so I found a completely different one.    

So, all that out of the way, I will soon return to posting new pictures of new subjects.  Thank you for putting up with me in this post. :-D

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