Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Beauty of Retrospect, May Model Edition: Louise Vyent

I had the pleasure of meeting model-turned-photographer Louise Vyent at a farmer's market in Montclair, New Jersey, where she lives. (I live in a nearby town.) She was there to promote - and recruit subjects for - a photographic project of portraits of people of mixed racial background, which is, as of this writing, still unfinished.

So yes, I met her, but I do not know her. That means I can still post pictures of her and abide by my self-imposed rule of not depicting anyone here that I know personally. That's a good thing, because these pictures are too beautiful not to share!

I don't know of too many models who can look great by wearing a blanket, as Ms. Vyent does in the photo above, taken from a Saks Fifth Avenue ad. She also looks great in the photo below, in a casual-cool magenta ensemble; I think the photo below is from a Dillard's catalog.

And while Ms. Vyent looks absolutely stunning in the photo below, wearing an olive sweater and a bunch of bracelets and necklaces, the picture is from an ad not for clothes or for accessories but for a Clairol hair care product (which should have been obvious!).

I still see her around in Montclair from time to time, and I regret to report that she wears her hair extremely short these days. But she's still beautiful, and not only that, she's returned to modeling even as she continues her career as a professional photographer. 

There are other famous residents of Montclair, New Jersey - including Jonathan Alter and Stephen Colbert - but they're obviously not as pretty. :-D

Originally from the Netherlands, Louise Vyent is part ethnic Dutch and part black Latin American, owing in part to her roots in the former Dutch South American colony of Surinam, which became an independent country in 1975.  Her biracial background is precisely the reason for her current photography project.        

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