Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cosmetics model Claudia Cron

In 1979, Karen Graham was the exclusive model for Estée Lauder cosmetics. But she was not the only model under contract with the Lauder company. Let me explain. The Lauders launched a separate cosmetics brand, Prescriptives, in 1979. And in order to develop a separate image for Prescriptives, they needed a separate spokesmodel for it. They chose as Prescriptives' first spokesmodel Claudia Cron, a stunning beauty who, like Karen Graham, had been discovered by modeling agency legend Eileen Ford.

As the above picture of Ms. Cron - posing with a makeup palette - suggests, the identity of Prescriptives was its emphasis on color-coded makeup to accurately match a woman's natural skin tones.  Ms. Cron was the face of the brand from its 1979 launch until 1986. She also appeared in movies and TV shows during the eighties.

The Lauder company announced the termination of its Prescriptives brand in September 2009, but Claudia Cron is still around.  A graduate of the Parsons School of Design, she is now a painter - working with a palette of a different kind - based in Connecticut, as well as a gallery owner.  Her art work primarily involves ghostly silhouettes of trains, buildings, and bridges. Her Web site is here, and you can reach the site for her gallery, the Orison Project, by clicking on this link.

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