Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Post: Four Beautiful Women!

It's Leap Day, and I've fallen a little behind in adding new subjects to this blog. I've featured about a hundred different women a year since this blog started, but if I want to keep up that average, and if I went to have featured a thousand different women by the time of this blog's tenth anniversary in September 2016, I have to pick up the pace. So, on this February 29, a day that occurs once every four years, I'm leaping ahead and featuring a picture of . . . four women! :-)

This is one of those classic Revlon "Unforgettable" ads from the late eighties and early nineties that showed well-known models in groups of three or four - mostly groups of four - with their names and their country or U.S. state of origin. None of the high-profile models in this photo have ever been featured on my blog before.

In case you can't read the credits . . ..  Pictured above are, from left, Claudia Schiffer of Germany, Rachel Hunter of New Zealand, Paula Abbott of the United States (specifically, Alabama), and Rachel Williams, also of the United States (specifically, New York).

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