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Beautiful Women: The First Five Years!

It's official: I have posted pictures of five hundred different women in the past five years, averaging a hundred women a year.  And in celebration of this major milestone on this blog, I am listing all of them here!

Listing every woman I've ever featured here seems like a time-consuming, masochistic job, and it was, but it seemed like a good time to look back at who I've featured so far.  It's a pretty mixed group.  Yes, there are a lot of actresses and several models, but a doctor, three politicians, and several newswomen made it onto this list too.  Some of these women are very famous; others have lesser name recognition. A couple of them, sadly, are no longer with us. Many are American, but many others come from different corners of the world.  (Note: Where the nationality of a woman is in doubt,  I do not include the nationality on this list.)  It's an impressive list all in all, I believe, and I'm eager to add to it in the next five years.

Consider this list as a convenient guide to whom I've featured so far.  I pretty much made this roster so you, dear followers, didn't have to.  To see an entry for any woman - any entry that's already been archived, especially - just feel free to type it in the search field in the upper left hand corner of this blog. :-)

So here it is - the list! 

Kristina Abernathy, American media personality, alumna of The Weather Channel
Atia Abawi, American broadcast journalist
Stella Abrera, American ballet dancer
Amy Adams, American actress
Jacki Adams, American fashion model
Isabelle Adjani, French actress
Eun Young Ahn, Korean ballet dancer
Anouk Aimée, French actress
Karen Akers, American cabaret singer
Jessica Alba, American actress
Amy Aldridge, American ballet dancer
Jane Alexander, American actress
Karen Alexander, American fashion model
Khandi Alexander, American actress and choreographer
Jackie Allen, American jazz singer
Kim Alexis, American fashion model and businesswoman
Christiane Amanpour, British (U.S.-based)  broadcast journalist (CNN, ABC)
Anna Anderson, Norwegian fashion model
Lauren Anderson, American ballet dancer
Nancy Anderson, American actress/singer
Marjorie Andrade, Brazilian model, actress, activist and producer
Jennifer Aniston, American actress
Ann-Margaret, American (Swedish-born) actress and singer
Jessika Anspach, American ballet dancer
Fanny Ardant, French actress
Bess Armstrong, American actress
Jane Asher, British actress
Denise Austin, American fitness expert
Lauren Bacall, American actress
Cynthia Bailey, American fashion model
Anita Baker, American soul singer
Elizabeth Banks, American actress
Willow Bay, American journalist, former spokesmodel for Estée Lauder
Angela Bassett, American actress
Kathleen Battle, American opera singer
Jennifer Beals, American actress
Amanda Beard, American swimmer
Barbara Bears, American ballet dancer
Kate Beckinsale, British actress
Bonnie Bedelia, American actress
Tanith Belbin, American (Canadian-born) ice dancer
Annette Bening, American actress
Elsa Benitez, Mexican fashion model
Michelle Bernard, American political analyst
Jessica Biel, American actress
Juliette Binoche, French actress
Tara Birtwhistle, Canadian ballet dancer
Cilla Black, British pop singer
Brenda Blackmon, American broadcast journalist
Susan Blakely, American actress
Cate Blanchett, Australian actress
Emily Blunt, British actress
Helena Bonham Carter, British actress
Julia Boorstin, American business reporter
Julie Bowen, American television actress
Eran Brugge, American modern dancer
Joy Bryant, American actress
Selena Breed, spokesmodel for Lancôme
Margaret Brennan, American business reporter
Laura Bowman, American ballet dancer
Moira Brooker, British television actress
Vivian Brown, American weather forecaster (The Weather Channel)
Mika Brzezsinki, American news anchorwoman
Erin Burnett, American business reporter
Mary Calvi, American broadcast journalist
Anna Camp, American actress
Maria Cantwell, American politician, United States Senator (D-WA), 2001 to present
Jennifer Capriati, American tennis player
Shaun Casey, American model/actress
Kelly Cass, American weather forecaster (The Weather Channel)
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Kim Cattrall, Canadian (British-born) actress
Alva Chinn, American model/actress
Erika Christensen, American actress
Julie Christie, British actress
Petula Clark, British pop singer
Tarryl Clark, American politician
Patricia Clarkson, American actress
Pat Cleveland, American fashion model
Clotilde, American model and dressmaker
Amanda Cobb, American ballet dancer
Natalie Cole, American pop singer
Toni Collette, Australian actress
Jennifer Connelly, American actress
Bertha Coombs, American broadcast journalist
Erica Cornejo, Argentine ballet dancer
Marion Cotillard, French actress
Clotilde Courau, French actress
Stephanie Courtney, American actress
Courteney Cox, American actress
Rebecca Crawford, American ballet dancer
Sheryl Crow, American rock singer
Penelope Cruz, Spanish actress
Ann Curry, American broadcast journalist
Taeler Cyrus, American modern dancer
Kristen Dahlgren, American broadcast journalist
Claire Danes, American actress
Lindsay Davenport, American tennis player
Betty Davis, American weather forecaster (The Weather Channel)
Geena Davis, American actress
Hope Davis, American actress
Kathy Davis, American fashion and beauty model
Rosario Dawson, American actress
Ansa Deguchi, Japanese ballet dancer
Julie Delpy, French actress
Catherine Deneuve, French actress
Laura Dern, American actress
Zooey Deschanel, American actress/singer
Rosalyn Deshauteurs, American modern dancer
Nancy DeWeir, American fashion model
Dianne deWitt, American fashion model
Cameron Diaz, American actress
Kara DioGuardi, American TV personality
Waris Dirie, Somalian model and author
Nancy Donahue, American fashion model, fitness expert, and businesswoman
Lesley-Anne Down, British (U.S.-based) actress
Corinne Drewery, British jazz/rock singer (Swing Out Sister)
Minnie Driver, British actress/singer
Amanda Drury, Australian (U.S.-based) business reporter
Deanna Durbin, Canadian actress/singer
Nancy Dutiel, late '70s-early '80s Lancôme spokesmodel
Kirsten Dunst, American actress
Kathleen Dwyer, American ballet dancer
Judy Dyble, British folk-rock singer
Chalnessa Eames, American ballet dancer
Christine Ebersole, American stage actress and singer
Jennifer Eccleston, American television reporter
Barbara Eden, American actress
Linda Eder, American actress/singer
Kathleen Edwards, Canadian rock singer/songwriter
Crystal Egger, American weather forecaster (The Weather Channel)
Rehema Ellis, American television reporter
Karen Elson, British fashion model
Sharon Epperson, American business news reporter
Janet Evans, American swimmer
Liz Everman, American broadcast journalist
Chris Evert, American tennis player
Vera Farmiga, American actress
Suzanne Farrell, American ballet dancer
Terry Farrell, American actress
Lorena Feijoo, Cuban ballet dancer
Allyson Felix, American track athlete
Linda Fenn, American fashion model
America Ferrara, American actress
Tina Fey, American actress/comedian
Sally Field, American actress
Elise Finch, American weather forecaster
Jennifer Finnigan, Canadian (U.S.-based) television actress
Jenna Fischer, American television actress
Carrie Fisher, American actress/author
Isla Fisher, Australian actress
Joely Fisher, American actress
Michelle Fleet, American modern dancer
Renée Fleming, American opera singer
Bridget Fonda, American actress
Julia Fordham, British singer/songwriter
Christy Forehand, American ballet dancer
Juli Foster, American fashion model
Tanya Foster, American broadcast journalist
Vivica A. Fox, American actress
Chrystia Freeland, Canadian journalist
Anni Friesinger, German speed skater
Daisy Fuentes, American (Cuban-born) media personality
Jenny Funnell, British television actress
Maureen Gallagher, American model/actress
Joanna Garcia, American television actress
Jennifer Garner, American actress
Crystal Gayle, American country singer
Sarah Michelle Gellar, American actress
Vera Gibbons, American business reporter
Peri Gilpin, American television actress
Alexandra Golden, Canadian ballet dancer
Genevieve Gorder, American designer and TV personality
Heather Graham, American actress
Karen Graham, American fashion model, longtime spokesmodel for Estée Lauder
Lauren Graham, American actress
Carol Gramm, American fashion model
Jennifer Granholm, American (Canadian-born) politician, governor of Michigan from 2003 to 2011
Judy Greer, American actress
Carla Gugino, American actress
Sylvie Guillem, French ballet dancer
Savannah Guthrie, American broadcast journalist and lawyer
Maggie Gyllenhaal, American actress
Dayle Haddon, Canadian actress/model
Tamron Hall, American broadcast journalist
Dorothy Hamill, American figure skater
Mia Hamm, American soccer player
Alyson Hannigan, American television actress
Patti Hansen, American fashion model
Marcia Gay Harden, American actress
Mariska Hargitay, American actress
Karen Harris, spokesmodel for Estée Lauder
Debbie Harry, American rock singer
PJ Harvey, British rock singer/songwriter
Teri Hatcher, American actress
Anne Hathaway, American actress
Salma Hayek, Mexican actress
Katherine Heigl, American actress
Mariel Hemingway, American actress
Monique Henderson, American track athlete
Christina Hendricks, American actress
Paloma Herrera, Argentine ballet dancer
Rachel Holmes, American modern dancer
Julianne Hough, American dancer and TV personality
Whitney Houston, American singer
Janet Hubert, American actress
Jennifer Hudson, American actress/singer
Kate Hudson, American actress
Janice Huff, American weather forecaster
Helen Hunt, American actress
Jana Marie Hupp, American television actress
Isabelle Huppert, French actress
Anjelica Huston, American actress
Jackie Hyland, American broadcast journalist
Rie Ichikawa, Japanese ballet dancer
Gwen Ifill, American journalist
Yuka Iino, Japanese ballet dancer
Iman, Somalian model/actress/businesswoman
Gale Ingram, fashion model
Nadine Isenegger, American stage actress
Gillian Jacobs, American television actress
Nancy Jameson, fashion model
Judith Jamison, American dancer and choreographer
Allison Janney, American actress
Angelika Jansen, fashion model
Chris Jansing, American broadcast journalist
Famke Janssen, Dutch actress
Anne-Marie Jenkins, fashion model
Carina Jensen, fashion model
Susanne Jensen, fashion model
Jacqui Jeras, American weather forecaster
Christin Johansson, fashion model
Scarlett Johansson, American actress
Belinda Johnson, American model/actress
Beverly Johnson, American model/actress
Jillian Johnson, American fashion model and professional photographer
Kristine Johnson, American broadcast journalist
Maria Johnson, fashion model
Sheila Johnson, American fashion model
Angelina Jolie, American actress
January Jones, American actress
Rashida Jones, American actress
Ashley Judd, American actress
Kiara Kabukuru, American (Ugandan-born) fashion model
Yuriko Kajiya, Japanese ballet dancer
Mindy Kaling, American actress
Yayoi Kambara, American (Japanese-born) modern dancer
Sara Kapp, American fashion model
Katty Kay, British television journalist
Diane Keaton, American actress
Liya Kebede, Ethiopian model, spokesmodel for Estée Lauder
Kathy Keenan, fashion model
Catherine Keener, American actress
Minka Kelly, American actress
Jayne Kennedy, American actress
Julie Kent, American ballet dancer
Deborah Kidd, American (France-based) model
Cynthia King, American fashion model
Evelyn "Champagne" King, American soul singer
Jaime King, American actress
Darci Kistler, American ballet dancer
Heidi Klum, German fashion model
Keira Knightley, British actress
Maria Kochetkova, Russian ballet dancer
Diana Krall, Canadian jazz singer
Diane Kruger, German actress
Nicole Kidman, Australian actress
Aara Krumpe, American ballet dancer
Michelle Kwan, American figure skater
Christine Lahti, American actress
Diane Lane, American actress
Jessica Lange, American actress
Ali Larter, American television actress
Amélie Latournald, French fashion model
January LaVoy, American stage and television actress
Carissa Lawson, American broadcast journalist
Laurel Lee, fashion model
Tara Lee, American ballet dancer
Jane Leeves, British (U.S.-based) television actress
Kim Lemon, American broadcast journalist
Leona Lewis, British pop singer
Linda Lewis, British soul singer
Rosaura Lezama, Mexican model and filmmaker
Laura Linney, American actress
Lucy Liu, American actress
Rebecca Lobo, American basketball player
Lara Logan, South African (U.S.-based) broadcast journalist
Valerie Lohr, American fashion model and photographer
Eva Longoria, American actress
Sophia Loren, Italian actress
Tina Louise, American actress
Janet Lowe, fashion model
Lulu, British pop singer/actress
Andie MacDowell, American actress
Virginia Madsen, American actress
Julianna Marguiles, American actress
Michel Martin, American broadcast journalist
Lisa Masterson, American physician, co-host of "The Doctors"
Chiara Mastroianni, French/Italian actress
Maribeth Maxa, American modern dancer
Daphne Maxwell Reid, American actress
Misty May-Treanor, American beach volleyball player
Gugu Mbatha-Raw, British television actress
Rachel McAdams, Canadian actress
Erin McAfee, American ballet dancer
Mary McCormack, American actress
Maria McDonald, American fashion model and philanthropist
Rosemary McGrotha, American fashion model
Sarah McIlroy, British ballet dancer
Sarah McLachlan, Canadian singer
Christine McVie, British rock singer/keyboardist
Leighton Meester, American actress
Eva Mendes, American actress
Virginia Mesones, Argentine actress and performance artist
Allison Miller, American actress
Sharron Miller, American dancer, founder of the Sharron Miller Academy for the Performing Arts
Sienna Miller, British (American-born) actress
Julianne Moore, American actress
Kenya Moore, American actress
Kathryn Morris, American actress
Jennifer Morrison, American television actress
Elisabeth Moss, American actress
Carolyn Murphy, American model/actress, spokesmodel for Estée Lauder
Gillian Murphy, American ballet dancer
Parminder Nagra, British actress
Uschi Nerke, German television presenter (Beat-Club)
Bebe Neuwirth, American actress
Kim Newby, fashion model
Jennifer Nicholson, fashion model
Stevie Nicks, American rock singer
Beth Nielsen Chapman, American country singer
Monica Novotny, American broadcast journalist
Kim Nye, American fashion model
Carrie Nygren, Swedish model/actress
Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States
Kate Oderkirk, American ballet dancer
Kelly O'Donnell, American broadcast journalist
Norah O'Donnell, American broadcast journalist
Heather Ogden, Canadian ballet dancer
Lana Ogilvie, Canadian fashion model and TV personality
Debbie Ogunlana, fashion model
Sandra Oh, Canadian actress
Maureen O'Hara, American (Irish-born) actress
Jeannie Ohm, American television news reporter
Femi Oke, British (U.S.-based) radio journalist
Fernanda Oliveira, Brazilian ballet dancer
Pam Oliver, American TV sports reporter
Candice Olson, Canadian interior designer and TV personality
Gail O'Neill, American fashion model
Oluchi Onweagba, Nigerian fashion model
Janice O'Reilly, American fashion model
Ellen Page, Canadian actress
Hayden Panettiere, American actress/singer
Mica Paris, British soul/jazz singer
Lorraine Pascale, British fashion model
Grace Park, Canadian (American-born, U.S.-based) television actress
Mary-Louise Parker, American actress
Sarah Jessica Parker, American actress
Danica Patrick, American race car driver
Amanda Peet, American actress
Piper Perabo, American actress
Elizabeth Perkins, American actress
Katy Perry, American pop singer
Peggy Petteway, American ballet dancer
Lori Petty, American actress
Michelle Pfeiffer, American actress
Freida Pinto, Indian actress
Valerie Plame, American ex-intelligence officer
Teri Polo, American actress
Natalie Portman, American (Israeli-born) actress
Monica Potter, American actress
Emily Procter, American actress
Wanakee Pugh, American fashion model and painter
Becky Quick, American business reporter
Kathleen Quinlan, American actress
Bar Rafaeli, Israeli fashion model
Bonnie Raitt, American blues-rock guitarist/singer
JJ Ramberg, American business reporter
Margrit Ramme, German fashion model
Charlotte Rampling, British actress
Trish Regan, American business reporter 
Hilary Rhoda, American spokesmodel for Estée Lauder
Christina Ricci, American actress
Sanya Richards-Ross, American (Jamaican-born) track athlete
Jenifer Ringer, American ballet dancer
Catherine Roberts, American fashion and beauty model
Robin Roberts, American broadcast journalist
Valerie Robin, American (Canadian-born) ballet dancer
Renee Robinson, American modern dancer
Renee Robinson-Buzby, American modern dancer
Darlene Rodriguez, American broadcast journalist
Maggie Rodriguez, American broadcast journalist
Susan Roesgen, American broadcast journalist
Mimi Rogers, American actress
Diana Ross, American pop singer
Tracee Ellis Ross, American actress
Isabella Rossellini, Italian/Swedish actress/model/producer
Maria Rowe, fashion model
Jeanne Ruddy, American modern dancer and choreographer
Rene Russo, American actress
Rachel Rutherford, American ballet dancer
Meg Ryan, American actress
Sade, British jazz/pop singer
Zoe Saldana, American actress
Ines Sastre, Spanish model/actress
Kristin Scott Thomas, British actress
Kyra Sedgwick, American actress
Toni Senecal, American television presenter
Joan Severance, American model and actress
Margaret Severin-Hansen, American ballet dancer
Maria Sharapova, Russian tennis player
Vinessa Shaw, American actress
Cybill Shepherd, American actress
Linda Celeste Sims, American modern dancer
Naomi Sims, American model and businesswoman
Mary Decker Slaney, American track athlete
Cobie Smulders, Canadian television actress
Elke Sommer, German actress/singer
Arlenis Sosa, Dominican Lancôme spokesmodel
Jordana Spiro, American actress
Lesley Stahl, American broadcast journalist
Alexandra Steele, American media personality, alumna of the Weather Channel
Alison Stewart, American broadcast journalist
Joss Stone, British rock/soul singer
Barbara Summers, American model, author, and college instructor
Anne Surette, fashion model
Hilary Swank, American actress
Taylor Swift, American country singer
Kaori Takai, Japanese ballet dancer
Audrey Tautou, French actress
Desirée Taylor, American broadcast journalist
Heather Tesch, American weather forecaster (The Weather Channel)
Charlize Theron, South African actress
Vanessa Thiessen, American dancer
Emma Thompson, British actress
Lea Thompson, American actress
Mary Thompson, American business reporter
Uma Thurman, American actress
Julie Tice, American modern dancer
Marisa Tomei, American actress
Nancy Toner, fashion and beauty model
Gwen Torrence, American track athlete
Jeanne Tripplehorn, American actress
Kathleen Turner, American actress
Tina Turner, American rock singer
Bonnie Tyler, British rock singer
Hunter Tylo, American television actress
Nastasia Urbano, Spanish fashion model
Carrie Underwood, American country singer
Leann Underwood, American ballet dancer
unidentified Erno Laszlo model
unidentified Princess Marcella Borghese model (later identified as Renata Vackova, Czech model and actress)

Victoria Upland, fashion model
Laura Urgelles, Cuban ballet dancer
Emily VanCamp, Canadian actress
Suzanne Vega, American folk-rock singer/songwriter
Sofia Vergara, Colombian (U.S.-based) television actress
Rosie Vela, American model and singer-songwriter
Lisa Vidal, American television actress
Meredith Vieira, American broadcaster
Alison Vietor, American fashion and beauty model
Lisa Viola, American modern dancer
Eva Voorhees, American fashion model and animal rights activist
Louise Vyent, Dutch model and New Jersey-based photographer
Elizabeth Walker, American ballet dancer
Melissa Walker, Canadian (U.S.-based) jazz singer
Joan Walsh, American political commentator
Kate Walsh, American actress
Sela Ward, American actress
Margaret Warner, American broadcast journalist
Kerry Washington, American actress
Naomi Watts, Australian (British-born) actress
Veronica Webb, American model/actress/writer
Andrea Weber, American modern dancer
Kristen Welker, American television reporter
Dawn Wells, American actress
Rachel Weisz, British actress
Daria Werbowy, Canadian (Polish-born) model
Frederika Whitfield, American broadcast journalist
Kim Wilde, British rock singer
Michele Wiles, American ballet dancer
Beverly Williams, American broadcast journalist
JoBeth Williams, American actress
Roshumba Williams, American fashion model
Vanessa Williams, American singer/actress, the first black Miss America
Gerri Willis, American business reporter
Nancy Wilson, American jazz singer
Nancy Wilson, American rock guitarist/singer (Heart)
Mary Wineberg, American track athlete
Kate Winslet, British actress
Judy Woodruff, American broadcast journalist
Kristi Yamaguchi, American figure skater
Eri Yamamoto, Japanese (U.S.-based) jazz pianist
Hong Yang, Chinese ballet dancer
Michelle Yeoh, Malaysian (Hong Kong-based) actress
Kara Young, American fashion model
Natalie Zea, American actress
Renée Zellweger, American actress
Stephanie Zungre, Dutch ballet dancer

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